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Having successfully survived the extreme Octsober reset month, it’s time to move on to Movember.  But, I’m doing something different this year.  Instead of asking you for money, I’m going to pay YOU!  (…to eat salads…)

(Of course, if you DO wish to donate, here’s the link:

What’s this about?  My approach to Movember is about prevention, to promote men’s health by engaging in such behaviors as maintaining a healthy diet.  So to incentivize this, I will pay you $1 every time you eat a comically large salad as your meal.  And I will give an additional bonus to the top three eaters this month.  Anyone can participate!

Rules of Saladly Engagement

  1. The salad must be comically large.  (See previous comically large salad posts for examples.)
  2. The salad must completely replace lunch or dinner.
  3. The salad must not contain any of the following: meat, fish, dairy, animal-based proteins of any kind, bread/enriched white flour products, added sugar.
  4. The salad must not be dressed, except for vinegar or lemon juice.  (In other words, the health benefits of the vegetables must not be negated by slathering them in ranch dressing.)
  5. The salad must not be accompanied with or followed by obvious cheateration, e.g. drinking soft drinks or alcohol with the meal, eating dessert or foods that would not be allowed in the salad afterward, etc.

To claim your leafy reward, send a picture of the comically large salad to  The first 250 salads will receive one dollar each.  And the top three salad eaters of the month will receive an additional $50, $30, and $20 for first, second, and third prizes respectively.  I will keep a tally throughout the month based on emails received, and I will publish the results and distribute the winnings at the end of the month.

May your Movember filled with vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, polyphenols, antioxidants, and more.

3 thoughts on “movember salad bucks

  1. A fresh movemeber angle, nice.

    Alas, while I’d love to throw in avocado, I have no other plant-based oils available at my salad bar. Can I earn $0.50 if I follow the rules but throw in a small amount of olive oil with the vinegar?

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