eat to live

It’s about time I posted about Eat to Live as it was undoubtedly the proverbial straw.  I noticed a friend / colleague from work (Lawrence) eating enormous salads at lunchtime and shedding pounds.  He mentioned Eat to Live as a source of inspiration — the correlations between diet and disease discussed in the book are striking.  After you read it, you too will likely feel compelled to eat comically large salads.

Exactly 1 year ago, Lawrence posted a fantastic write-up on Eat to Live and how he implements the lifestyle on his blog.  A quote:

For me, the main takeaways of Eat to Live are basically this:

  • Good food are foods which have a high nutrient / calorie ratio
  • Eat mostly vegetables. Do not eat a lot grains (even whole grains), not a lot of oils, almost no processed food. Eat vegetables.
  • Minimize almost everything else. Almost no meat, v little dairy (milk, cheese, etc), oils, processed foods, etc.
  • Because you do not get to eat many calorie rich foods, you have to eat an enormous amount of vegetables. This is the virtuous circle. To get 30 – 60% of your calories, be prepared to eat 1lb of salad and 1lb of cooked vegetables per day
  • Because you have to eat such a large amount of vegetables, you rarely feel hungry. Stretch receptors in your stomach trigger whenever you eat a large volume of food which make you feel satiated. Because of this, you rarely feel hungry on the diet

My recommendation: read the book with a positive attitude and an open mind.

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