and now we have a special vending machine with healthy snack options

When I approached the dining team at Microsoft a few months ago about healthy grab ‘n’ go options in the cafeterias, I also mentioned the lack of any healthy options in the vending machines whatsoever.  When you have an eating restriction, you’re often just looking for an option, so I was just lobbying for one or two healthy alternatives.  Ask and you shall receive…  Behold!  An entire vending machine dedicated to healthy snack options!!


flog in the news!

Microsoft matches one-to-one employee donations charities year-round; but in November, Microsoft drives a campaign to raise even more money by creating special events.  Last November, I organized a small ping pong tournament to raise money for Let’s Move! Salad Bars to Schools.  Well, the parent organization, Food Family Farming Foundation, gave me a shout out in the bright spot section of their newsletter!  The flog is in the news!!!


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