the last taco

You won’t believe this story!  There’s a place by my house called Space Taco that I’ve been meaning try out for months because I heard they had a vegan taco.  I tried multiple times to go in the past, but the place was always closed by the time I got there.  Today, I finally made it with several hours to spare, but they were closed.  Not like closed for the day – they were shutting down the business for good.  After recounting my tale of tacos uneaten, an upbeat girl said, “Come inside.  I’ll fire up the grill and make you one last taco.  It’s on the house.”

After talking for a few minutes to JJ, the handyman who remodeled the place, my vegan taco was served.  It was cactus!  And it was delicious!!!  Behold, the last Space Taco ever.


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